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Nutrivital Health is committed to enabling higher levels of clinical success in the world of natural healthcare, through focused knowledge, innovative technology, and the highest quality products.

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Flexible, fast and accurate, the Asyra is the ultimate in bioenergetic testing.

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Asyra system

Stimulate the body’s natural pain-relief ability with handheld SCENAR technology

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SCENAR technology
NutriVital Health Centre, Petersfield & London Practices

If you experience a difficult or persistent health challenge, we can help you.

We combine time-tested approaches to wellness with the latest technology to remove the obstacles to excellent health. The NutriVital centre has an outstanding reputation for clinical success.

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NutriVital Integrative Healthcare Treatment Clinic
Features / News

Topical news features, healthy living articles, case studies, videos and much more

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Features and News
Biofield Viewer

Photograph and analyse the human energy field with the new Biofield Viewer technology

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GDV technology
NutriVital Pain and Injury Clinic

We guarantee results on both chronic and acute pain conditions.

Our methods of pain treatment make use of the body’s own natural internal pharmacy to tackle pain at its root level, for fast and lasting results. Our results are often described as miraculous.

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NutriVital Pain and Injury Clinic

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